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I’ve dropped to severe please help


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@t27r hi! thanks for your reply - yes i think there was something going on with the adrenals for sure - it was a massive adrenaline dump after taking an oral rehydration solution which i took because my HR had soared after doing vagus nerve stimulation. I thought i was in a POTs flare hence taking the solution which is standard treatment for POTS but my fear is I have permanetly damaged my vagus nerve, i think the nerve is sending the wrong signals to my brain and heart. All that extra sodium and potassium totally freaked out my system. It's very scary and i just have to put it out of my mind that i have done this to myself.

After 3 weeks it has calmed down a little- i've stopped shaking and sleep is better becaue i'm now on a beta blocker but pretty sure i need to get my heart checked out and don't know how to achieve that seeing as i have severe ME and can't get to a hospital.