is this mold


I wanted to know what this could be. A few years ago I was cleaning my bathroom, and the day after I started having some symptoms that I mostly had previously in the years before, but a few new ones too. I started having severe eye pain, and inflammation with lots of pus, I became extremely parched and always thirsty, my hand started to tremor, and my sexual symptoms that I had years before came back - loss of libido, orgasm, size, etc. The only new symptoms was being thirsty all the time, and the hand tremor, but the way my eyes felt was different as well, as it was both eyes, but this time seemed worst in the left eye.

Most of these symptoms improved in the next month or so, but my eye was still really bad. That symptom improved too after a short time. Now here it where it gets interesting - I moved from this place for other reasons, not because of how I felt, as these symptoms improved as I mentioned, but I kept this place even though i had moved. I did not live there fulltime. I would occasionally go back for a few days or even a week at a time and be fine. However earlier this year I moved in again and after about 4-6 weeks of being here, these symptoms returned, especially with my eyes and so on. I tested it by not being there for a couple weeks and these symptoms improved again - most noticeably my eyes improved. What could this be? Is it mold?