Is this even MCAS/MCAD? If not, then what is it?


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Oops, I did it again!

I got myself into trouble, big trouble!

After the booster dose of Covid vaccine, I started re-experiencing an inflammation sequence that I had not experienced for a few years now.

This is not to discourage people from getting the booster dose as I am a special case and when I'd rather not think what could happen if I didn't get that dose but rather got the Covid disease itself. Then the inflammation would kill me instantly.

And so it used to go and now it goes like this: I eat something that causes me reaction (probably not an allergic reaction but some kind of inflammatory reaction). I may not feel any symptoms for the moment or I may only feel my immune system attacking nerves (so I have twitches and burning pain).

But then, after an hour of very light strain/exercise (like picking up trash slowly), I end up with terrible pain of muscles and tendons. The pain is similar to what you experience in your muscles when you have the worst possible flu.

The foods that cause this reaction: pizza (tomatoes (worst reaction of them all, with tomatoes I have painful muscles right away and no strain is needed), oregano, pepper), meat, eggs, spices, beans... you name it.

For years I could only eat potatoes (strangely I did not have any reaction to them) and vegetables like cucumbers, carrot, beets and few others. Whenever I found a new food that I felt like eating, sooner or later I'd start to react to it. Such was the case with corn and olives recently. I did not have reaction to them, and then I had... the earliest thing that caused me a reaction was strawberries (at the age of 15).

But this reaction is not an allergic reaction because I don't have any problem with histamine, antihistaminic drugs don't work at all (ie. there is no effect at all).

So, I don't know what to make of it.
MCAS is already rare and I may have an even rarer version of MCAD (?) that may use some other transmitters to start inflammation.
Or is it even MCAD?

The whole thing has something to do with stomach lining because for years I had my stomach very inflamed (due to EDS) and in the end, I got the diagnosis of
erythematous gastritis during endoscopy. In the biopsy they found micro-ulcers. So the idea is that these foods were in touch directly with blood and the blood learned somehow to recognize them and attack them. Or maybe I have a problem with treg cells?

I also experience symptoms of EDS like scars, very thin skin, etc.
That's where the problem with stomach probably comes from - thin stomach/gut walls due to lack of collagen.
Unfortunately, no faulty gene for EDS during genome sequencing was found.

The thing with tendon and muscle pain is that I am almost sure that this pain is caused by these different foods that cause me reaction and not EDS per se (ie not the lack of collagen in muscles and tendons even though there is clear lack of collagen in skin as it is very thin). The mechanism may be something like this: MCAD causes inflammation of tendons, tendons don't heal and are painful, damaged collagen causes inflammation so MCAD follows and we have a vicious circle or a positive feedback loop as other might say.

So, if I could remove this inflammatory reaction, I could do much much better.
Because in different other aspects of my disease I've already got much much better. This is actually the last thing that really bothers me and it makes me extremely fatigued and bed-bound.

No drug seems to work like NSAIDs. Even cod oil, ie. omega-3 doesn't work. The only thing that works is prolonged fasting and then ingesting only tomatoes and selected vegetables. Needless to say that a diet like this quickly makes you deficient in all micro and even macronutrients. And so it seems that every supplemet that I takes works, at least at first because I am getting so deficient. And sugar... makes the inflammation so much worse...

If anyone can think of something... like what kind of disease this might be, what tests could I do.. or maybe someone suffers from similar symptoms... I'd be really grateful if you'd let me know...


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I completely forgot but in situations like this Candex helps. If it wasn't for the panic and very miserable condition that I was in and basicly no association of covid vaccine with stomach inflammation, I would have figured it out earlier.

But apparently, there must be an association - covid vaccine makes your immune system go haywire so candida can attack. Heck, I don't even know if this is candida or something else, all I say is that Candex works for me in this particular instance.

So, I took Candex yesterday and today (only 1 capsule before) and the stomach is much better.
I am usually not very willing to take Candex as sooner or later it will cause an allergic reaction by itself.
Still, it sits in the fridge and awaits an emergency situation like this.

I read that when you get a reaction to Candex, it may be a good idea to try another brand of enzymes that fight candida. There are some other brands out there, too...

And I ordered zinc carnosine as it is another supplement that helps.

I'll have to use anti-candida protocol as well, but the problem is that most of these supplements cause me a reaction. Candida may be the last thing that makes me so miserable because I probably figured out all of the other things.

It may be a vicious circle when it comes to candida: it may cause all these reactions, even to the supplements that are supposed to help you get rid of it.
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