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is there any evidence ?


Senior Member
is there any evidence ,research, that resting in the begining give you a better chance of recovering?..i am now 13 months sick( so still relativelly in the begining)..i fluctuate a lot during this time, but i never really completelly rest, i don't work,but i push myself on many occassions, the problem with resting all the time is that will most probably send me into depression..but i will do it if this can increase my chances for recovering..i just don't really belive this will help much..sedentarism will cause other problems on its own..life is such a mess..
Washington State
Years ago I read something to that effect, but have not heard anything since. I don't really know how anyone could make that claim since no one even knows what CFS, is or the cause or what is going on inside our bodies. I would just do whatever you think best, not overdo it, but create the best quality of life you can right now.


South east England
The term ME comes from an outbreak of an unknown illness in the 1950s at the Royal Free Hospital in North West London. About 300-400 mainly hospital staff became -in many cases- very,very ill. According to the data that was collected by the medics treating them the key to recovery was rest. IMHO that outbreak was not the same thing that most people scince have got. But it is similar. So I would say exercise is a bad idea.