is there a natural fungistatic (not fungicidal) agent to stop Candida growth?


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Hi all, I'm looking for a fungistatic (not fungicidal) herb or nutritional supplement to stop Candida growth. By "fungistatic" I mean something that STOPS Candida from growing, but doesn't kill it.

The reason I don't want a fungicidal agent (like garlic, and in fact most anti-candida supplements) is that I can't handle the die-off.

A natural, non-fungicidal, fungistatic agent would be fan-fungi-tastic. :) Anyone know of something (besides fluconazole/itraconazole) that doesn't kill candida but stops it from growing?
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I'm not sure what you mean by a fungistatic herb exactly however, I had heard about something called MOS (Mannan oligosaccharides) found in formulas like this one,aps,116&sr=8-5
The candida attach to it so it gets carried out of the intestinal tract without being destroying so no toxins are supposed to get leaked from the broken cell walls of the candida as is supposed to do if the candida get killed.

The description says, "MOS is a binding site decoy for unfriendly bacteria."

I haven't tried that product yet though because I have a yeast sensitivity and S. Boullardii comes from yeast. Also I'm not sure if the S. Boullardii would also work by killing the yeast. Something to research maybe.
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