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Is rest the best way to recover from relapse

Hi everyone, just had an 8 month 60% recovery, got several more dogs and in the last 7 years I’ve never made any progress. Keep going back to usual feeling of exhaustion etc. Had m.e. For 25 years before and gradually recovered. I walk my dogs by which time I’m shattered and can’t do anything else, even hanging out washing is difficult. But the dogs give me purpose, but I wonder if I rested all the time I would recover or maybe my age 52 is against me. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you so much. I live in uk so we’ve got no help from any medical professionals in nhs


Senior Member
Since everyone responds differently to activity and rest, the best way to answer the question is to experiment. If you can get someone else to do the dogwalking, hanging laundry, etc, for a while, you can see if your symptoms diminish. Just don't use the spare time/energy to do something else physically demanding...
Have you considered a mobility scooter to help you walk the dogs? It sounds like the walking is interfering with your ability to pace yourself, but since it gives you so much purpose and joy, I don't recommend giving it up just yet! There are ways to get out & do the things you love without exhausting your body.

Best of luck!
Hi Scoobieworld, from reading your post it seems to me that the dogs require more energy than you have to spare at the moment.

Would it be possible to adopt them out for a month or so to give your body the opportunity to regain some much needed energy?

Even if you just kept one it might be doable.

Thinking of you and hoping you fine a solution for your current situation.