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Is PR interest waning?

:lol::lol::lol::lol: :rofl::rofl: :_:_:_:_ ....

One of us .... one of us .... one of us !!! I sooooooo hear that. But you showed more wisdom than I usually do, by quietly ending the conversation and slipping out th back door :):):):) ....

Thank you yippee kiyay.!! And thanks for the emojis - I love them.!

That is very INTERESTING. I had no idea that PR has staff?? That was never apparent to me.

So - PR is an organisation with paid members - not volunteers.??

And so the rift with GR and CJ was a case of volunteer power having to find its own voice elsewhere.??

I'm just guessing as I have found this in the mental health scene..!

Thanks to all liking my post. Is "Freddd" still around and did he stay better.?!

YippeeKi YOW !!

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Second star to the right ...
Nope. None of us who keep the place running get paid.
Absolutely !!!!

Everyone who keeps the lights on here, as it were, is a volunteer, from the moderators to the IT experts, all of whom are 'staff', as are other positions needed to operate this site. It's run pretty much by and for its members, with a Board overseeing it all.

At least as far as I can tell ....