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Is PEM always associated with flu-like symptoms??


Senior Member
Sleepy Hollow Canada
I know I haven't been able to tolerate exercise for the past year, but I have never experienced fever, swollen glands or sore throat afterwards. Because of that, I decided all my symptoms could not be attributed to CFS, and looked more toward MS. I recently had an MRI which came back with numerous hyperintensities, but not MS plaques. I decided to have my reflexes checked to be sure and went to a physiotherapist yesterday. She found muscular atrophy around my abdomen and buttocks, but no nerve damage. In the course of the assessment she had me do what at one time would have been almost nothing but I knew I was going to pay.
I woke at least 15 times in the night with muscle pain. Today I feel like she beat my back and especially my legs with a baseball bat. My legs are weak and shaking when I try to stand. I've been laying with my eyes closed most of the day and my mind is foggy once again, but I have no pressure points- my whole body hurts. I wouldn't call this flu-like tho. Is my description still within the parameters of CFS or should I be looking elsewhere for an explanation?


Señor Mumbler
I think you'll get a variety of responses.

For me the first sign (sometimes while I'm overexerting) is a headache. Sleep and pain are worse (to name my top 3) in the days to follow.