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Is low white blood count (leukopenia) really exclusionary for CFS?


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australia (brisbane)
hi upnorth, your tests are interesting, i wonder sometimes when they are in the low range that your immune system is tiring out. Its just another example of immune dysfunction in cfs. Actually I rember my cd4 count was low at one stage and my doc said something similar, he then recommended natural immune stimulants like astragalus etc, this improved my cd4 count but it didnt really improve my symptoms, i suppose it may have stopped me getting worse. You might be able to get immunoglobulin injections if your immune system is low and shown on blood test, have read where some cfs guys improve on these, but its finding a quack that knows what he's doing.
good luck!


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London area
Can anyone please interpret this for me from my spinal tap:

the c spinal fluid demonstrated less than one white cell and less than one red cell. VSV, HSV and enterovirus were not detected on PCR of the spinal fluid

This was presented normal. As I understand there should be no red cells in spinal fluid although it was a difficult procedure and they said they hit a blood vessel.
Is PCR a reliable test?


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Hi heapsreal....I've had flow cytometry done a few times and my cd cells seem to be opposite. They were VERY low, infact I think CD8s were almost non existant? I guess this means that they can go either way with M.E./cfs?

just rec'd my flow cytometry results:


CD 19A low
CD4A low
CD8A low
all well below low end of range...any thoughts.