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Is "goodpasture syndrome" a part of ME/CFS?


Senior Member
A person I know was diagnosed with Goodpasture syndrome (10 years ago) after a viral infection.
His case became a medical emergency and he was transported by Helicopter to a specialty clinic.
He doesn´t remember the medication he was given, but he remembers receiving dialysis in addition to the meds.
His kidneys were failing and his muscles were partially too weak to stand up. After about 6 weeks he began slowly to recuperate and 6 months later back to work.
At this time the Dr's believed the viral infection triggered an underlining metal poiseing.


Senior Member
You can get a hair mineral test. Mine didn't show much in the way of metal poisoning, just the usual deficiencies and imbalance that many see with ME/CFS, but this is at least a testable thing.