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is chromium picolinate really dangerous?


Could this be true? Or is just a misconducted experiment?
I was thinking to try this for insulin resistance improvement. Any experience?

"Cytotoxicity was determined by measurement of colony formation in laboratory animals. Chromosome damage was measured as clastogenicity observed for cells in metaphase. Results were compared to those obtained in cells treated with ligands alone or with chromium. "Treatment with chromium picolinate producing 91 +/- 12% colony survival resulted in 32 +/- 12% of metaphases with chromosome damage." The results are indeed staggering in their implication.

"Chromium picolinate was found to cause significant chromosome damage at a non-toxic dose."
"Chromium nicotinate and CrCl3 (chloride) did not cause chromosome damage at equivalent doses."

Consumers are urged to switch to a nontoxic form of chromium, such as niacinbound chromium, also known as chromium polynicotinate. Niacin-bound chromium is the safest and most bioavailable form of chromium. Most health food stores carry niacin-bound chromium polynicotinate."