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IOM Public Meeting, January 27, 2014: Part 1: The Process


Senior Member
By Erica Verrillo • www.ProHealth.com • February 13, 2014
On January 27, 2014, the Institute of Medicine held a public meeting about the IOM’s review of diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS.

The first half of the meeting consisted of presentations by government and IOM representatives. The second half included presentations from patients and patient advocates, as well as public comments.

This article covers the initial presentations, in which the IOM process was described.
  • Rick Erdtmann outlined the four steps of the IOM study.

  • Ellen Wright Clayton, Committee Chair, welcomed the participants and established the limits of the public session.

  • Dr. Nancy C. Lee, representing the sponsor of the study, HHS, talked about some of the background that led up to the IOM review.
You can read the meeting agenda HERE.

You can watch the presentations HERE.

You can read information about the committee members HERE....