Introducing Phoenix Rising's New Supplement Shopping Search Page (Buy Supplements at a Discount)


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. I would make a hyperlink to your list somewhere on the main forum next to supplement search for example.

That's a nice idea.

Unfortunately though a lot of ME/CFS patients will not even see it, because of brain fog. With brain fog, you often do not notice these menus, links and resources.

I did a forum poll a while ago, asking if members were aware of the Wordpress blog site of Phoenix Rising, which has articles and resources, and many were not aware, or if they were, had not read that site.

What I have been working on recently is a source search facility, that allows you to search not only supplement suppliers, but also prescription-free pharmacies, nootropics suppliers, research peptides, wholesale bulk supplies, etc. That will have to be set up off-site, because any sites which feature prescription-free pharmacies may be shut down by the authorities. I've seen this happen.


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Hope this is an okay place to post this.

I just noticed this evening that is having a 20% off sale on items once you put them into your cart. I tried it on 3 different items and each one got discounted. :)

Just wanted to let everyone know.

(I think it said it goes until May 11.)

Edit: I did go try to order somethings and for things like tea tree oil soap there wasn't a discount so it must not include all categories. Sorry.
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