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australia (brisbane)
hi, i just had a friend email me a news storie on counterfeit prescription drugs and how some are sold online(most appear to be from nigeria). The online pharmacy that i use for some of my meds was originally recommended by someone from here who had a good experience with them and i also have had a good experience as well, that is i got my meds, price was good and they seemed to work although postage was very slow. This got me thinking and doing some searching about this pharmacy which is, most was good and some was bad but that go's with any business and could also be from rival companies, most bad reviews were about delays in recieving meds etc.

Anyway i found this pharmacy reviewer site and the company i use was up close to the top which i am glad of. What else im wanting to know is if there are any similar pharmacy review sites that anyone can recommend so that i can get a few different types of reviewers to rule out any biast opinions and also to help others on here out.

One thing that sets off alarm bells for me with internet pharmacies are the ones selling narcotics and benzo's etc. Im also interested in others opinions and experiences and sites recommended. I think this can help improve the safety and wellbeing of people on this forum.



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I've also used with good results. Also found Unit-ed Phar-macies - (no dashes -'s in original name) I ordered Imovane(zopiclone) not generic, good price and quick delivery.