Interesting,Non-Hodgkins lymphoma


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Thanks. I couldn't help but be struck by this sentence:
"Understandably physicians frequently cannot ethically advise or administer the use of the patents’ preferences, leaving the patient to their own devices." Sounds like a good fit for those of us on this forum. Maybe someone has experimented with this by now...And here we go, from a search engine:

Rufous McKinney

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leaving the patient to their own devices

I purchased three jars of DCA to address possible COVID-19 back in Jan 2020. This was based upon a Japanese paper I swore I saved, and have since been unable to relocate.

I considered trying it myself for ME, left to my own devices.

Around here, the view is quite negative on other threads, and that somebody who is asserting it works, profits from its sale.

I find this of very interesting, however, and thanks for posting!