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Interesting: Electrosensitivity Caused by Chronic Nervous System Arousal


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Doesn't know the source, just know Prof. Belpomme - oncologue - who taught Hubby at medical school as a reliable doc (that was some 20 years ago).


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That's the single most informative and to the point explanation of the condition I've come across. Most of the info is right in line with what clinicians who treat such patients believe is happening.

I don't understand the point of questioning "the source." It's an article telling a story. Most of the information can be verified, as in, traced back to the doctors making the assertions. Nobody is putting words in anybody's mouth. As for who published it... What does it matter? Do they have a motive? Maybe. Doesn't everyone? It comes across to me as well-intentioned.

The only thing that struck me as reaching was some of the projections made by Magda Havas, like 2.3 billion people seeming to have become intolerant to EMF's. However I'm willing to bet she said that.


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Yeah, that's what I went to. Doesn't look good to me.
I'm not really seeing why you think "Maison du 21e Siecle" is an unreliable source. Maybe you can elaborate on why you think so.
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tbh, and I know this is a bit lazy/rude, I didn't really want to have a discussion about my concerns, but instead just wanted to raise a note of caution in case there were people who were tempted to read the source without checking the evidence behind the claims made there and making their own judgements. I'm really run down at the moment, have a few things I need to do, and don't have the time/energy to discuss this in the way I'd like. People are free to make their own judgements on this, and sorry for just stating my opinion without explanation, but I thought that could be better than nothing. Best of luck to everyone looking in to this.


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DNRS by Annie Hopper may be an option to help for this condition. Planet Thrive's forums have interesting info from people about using DNRS and other brain retraining methods for this condition.