Infrared heating mat


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I bought myself an infrared heating mat a week ago
Ive used it ridiculous much, at least 4 hours each day


I haven’t used painkillers at daytime this week,
and that haven’t happened for as long as I can remember.
(I struggle with muscle ace, but it’s not at all crippling, just annoying)

I have even done some very careful exercises to strengthen my core muscles. I usually can’t do those, as my muscles just stiffer from the back of my heal and all the way up my neck.
But not this time. (Not much, not more than twice a week, but nevertheless…)

my husband use my mat after work, he just sits on it at couple of hours before bedtimes. And it seems he sleeps a little bit better.

I don’t turn the heat up too much. I usually use 55degrees Celsius.
No sweating.

It’s not cheap.
But it’s made for physiotherapist, so hopefully it will last for almost the rest of my life.
(I was lucky and got a used, cheap one)

You turn on a timer- 2, 4 or 8 hours (I think?)
And the heat.

it’s wise to start low, not more than 50-55 degrees for a short time, to see how it works for you



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It looks really nice. I went hunting for a less expensive version. I see there are ones with jade too. I wonder if they would work the same. ??

My neighbor keeps mentioning a very long heated tens pad a chiropractor would use on his back. He loved it.

I've tried to look for one online for him so he could buy an at-home model but all I can find so far is the individual tens pads or a tens pad for horses. :cautious:

I'll show him this one though. Maybe it would be a good alternate version to what he's looking for.

What does it feel like when you use it? Do you get a zapping tens type sensation from it or an energized heated feeling??


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What does it feel like when you use it?
It just feels really relaxing and comfortable. :)
Its just the feeling of heating up even behind your muscles, if that makes sense..

The one i have is a short versjon, covering half my body, and I want to by a longer one.
So I’ve been looking at the jade mats myself, in case I don’t get hold on a used one of those I really want…( I can’t see why those with jade stones shouldn’t work just as fine. On the other hand, it’s still a bit of money, so I’m a bit afraid to by one, in case it doesn’t work quite as well for some reason. Or maybe it’s not as strong, and fall apart after some use.

Maybe look for some users review on the jade mats?

As for energy…I found a trial with infrared heating and me/cfs. And they got more energy after a months use (one hour a day, but I’m not sure about the temperature)

It’s early days, of course, but I don’t see that will happen for me.
In theory it should, I suppose, with increased bloodflow and less pain,
Also, even tho I don’t sweat, I drink a lot more water (with some salt), and so I guess I have increased detoxification as well?

But I really don’t feel a tiny bit more energetic. (Not the opposite either)

If that changes with time, I’ll let you all know
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At the end all of you by a mat, and I’m the only one that loves it :lol:
And all the other mats live their life in the corner of a closet

things I" ve previously possessed...via various means....

magnetic mattress- a friend left it there, cost 100s of dollars.

the grounding sheets and grounding matts my husband got: live in the closet.

The yoga mats all live in obscure locations and dust collects on the Yoga Ball.