Influenza A virus infection impacts systemic microbiota dynamics and causes quantitative enteric dysbiosis


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Given that so many cases of ME/CFS are triggered by viral infections. I found this really interesting-

Microbiota integrity is essential for a growing number of physiological processes. Consequently, disruption of microbiota homeostasis correlates with a variety of pathological states.
Influenza A viruses (IAV) are common respiratory pathogens causing acute infections.
In contrast, in the intestine, IAV induced robust depletion of bacterial content, disruption of mucus layer integrity, and higher levels of antimicrobial peptides in Paneth cells.
We show for the first time the consequences of IAV infection for lower respiratory tract and intestinal microbiobiota in a qualitative and quantitative fashion.
We currently cannot exclude that repetitive infections or underlying conditions of the host organism could favor permanent imprinting of microbial communities by acute infections.

Edit-By permanent I think they mean that the gut microbiota won't re-balance itself without specific interventions. Not that it can't be re-balanced.
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