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Increased fatigue and brain fog and coronavirus?


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Hello everyone i was curious.

Over the last few days i.have noticed increased fatigue/brain fog,some weakness and air hunger,sometimes runny nose which suprises me since the weather has been in the upper 90s here.Also noticed some darker yellow urine
I stay in a high population city in Mexico called Merida which has millions of people.There have been a few cases out of millions and I worry that I may have this or perhaps it's the CFS?

Thank You


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@Davsey27 darker urine could possibly be caused by dehydration ? Or even sometimes by foods/drinks etc.
But you can buy urine testing strips online and they also monitor bilirubin and urobilinogen levels, which are liver -related. Any abnormality, it may be wise to follow up with a blood test if possible.

I feel for you because I had the worst crash recently and I have not even been near people. The crash has more or less lasted since early February, but involved all my usual symptoms, nothing new. But saying that the symptoms were more extreme, and rather like they were in the beginning, which was a flu-like illness.
But I recognised them as "relapses" because they have been the same for 2 years, and don't involve respiratory symptoms or fever, which did put my mind at rest re: Coronavirus.
Though when I crash I do sometimes get post nasal drip, mucus in the throat.

Sometimes it's hard to know if we are acually sick with a new thing....or crashing badly.

Do you have a new fever above 37.5? And a new persistent dry cough? Those are supposed to be red flags but there are a number of other symptoms for coronavirus. Are there drive-in testing places where you live?

Check your symptoms against the coronavirus ones and see.

That's the problem with us. We don't know what's going on with us sometimes....

Take care and stay safe :hug: We at least are always here.....
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Appreciate it Mrs.Wolfcub

No fever or dry cough.

Just fatigue more than usual.Urine seems to have cleared drinking more water.It could be PEM from wallk round downtown yesterday in 95 degree weather looking for a place to renew my passport.
Must of walked close to an hour with breaks in between.Could be PEM. I heard Charles lapp reccomend not exceeding 5,000 steps a day.I tend to do better in the 1-2k range so perhaps it was related

Turns out passport services are closed in mexico due to the coronavirus

Mexico is beautiful and very warm.I have observed lots of people and it seems mostly uncommon out here to have cfs.
Thank you


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I also have increased fatigue, tiredness and headaches after last wednesday. No cough and fever isn't any higher than usual.

I'm trying to figure out what is the cause of this. It started suddenly and now I'm very tired all the time (sleep 20 hours a day). I did use chlorella last week for two days for the first time but I'm not sure if it could have caused all this....Doctors don't check for coronavirus here for us normal people.