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In need of a volunteer who's not camera shy


Senior Member
Scotland, UK
Seems BBC Scotland (BBC Alba) is planning a one hour documentary on ME and are looking for a Scottish based contributor suffering from debilitating ME to share their story and thoughts on the illness, they want to show viewers what life is like when ME leaves you housebound, unable to walk or even focus on small tasks.

I'm sure we all hope it will do us justice while worrying it'll be more of the same but if anyone fitting the bill wants to take part, contact Elly at elly@mactv.co.uk or by calling on 01851 705 638 or using her mobile on 07884 265 035.
Tempting, but...no! (As Val Kilmer said in "Willow" :p)

best not, lol, not totally housebound, and hey, I'm too much of a gabby, geeky sod, I'd give the wrong impression, hehe

What about "Sleepy"? :)

I know what you mean - but I think a gabby geeky sod would be good.

If I was being filmed for a documentary on CFS, I'd find it hard not to be worried that I was acting in a way whihc gave a misleading impression of the condition - and I think that a lot of CFS patients in news reports etc look like they share this worry. Best to try to be as natural as possible, and let your words communicate the difficulties, rather than your actions.


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I feel the Beeb will 'find' a 'typical' patient that will do our cause the world of good. They have, in the past, been so helpful - without their previous reporting efforts we would be seen as malingerers and psych patients - impartial reporting at its finest.