In Memory of Rebecca (previous thread title: "Governments' negligence of ME claims another life")


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Sad, its amazing the stuff people inject in their bodies in such a short period of time, in order to "not" get sick :(

I never had the travel bug that badly, but I was still taken down a few notches :(



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I thought something like that does not exist in Germany.I did not think it was possible. Somehow this comes from another time. But it is how it is.

Can we change things together? Rebecca, a young, talented, smart, alert woman. Girlfriend, colleague, daughter, in the middle of life, wants to do a great trip,like so many in this time. Cancel her job, pull all the savings together and get going. Papers together, things packed, one last vaccination. Hours later pain, deficits, paralysis. There can be no talk of a trip around the world. Instead it starts an odyssey to doctors and hospitals, no one knows advice, has a plan, can really help. Vaccine damage occurs, but should not happen, are unpopular and those affected disappear incapacitated and silent in the consequences. At first you thought, maybe it's something else? But what? What is not clear, because it is new, because it is not sufficiently explored, what attacks the soul, what is diffuse, also quickly gets into the conceit not to be taken very seriously. The doctors have repeatedly examined Rebecca from head to toe and find no other cause except the temporal relationship with the onset of the problems a few hours after vaccination. At least the health insurance companies are struggling and so are the doctors and hospitals. And in desperation to save as soon as possible what can still be saved, Rebecca also turns to people who take a lot of money to provide services that the cashier does not carry.

That was at the beginning of 2016.Her savings have long since been used up, she is in great need of care, is cared for by her family and relatives. The diagnosis is meanwhile CFS / ME.On New Year's Eve Rebecca was 30th Your Facebook profile "Goldfish Goldi" comes from a time of foaming joie de vivre. Cheerful pictures full of sun, which hurt so much, if one knows the current situation, which describes her mother for her in the last post from the 6th of January. Your circle of friends has changed, relocated, is grown in the direction of like-minded, afflicted, because there are terrifying many diseases in Germany. And still very little knowledge about it.

We, the friends of Rebecca, want to do something, not stand idly and powerless.She and her family need support, of course.
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    Walter Irvine
    (Friday, 09 February 2018 14:07)
    Rest in peace. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis So took my dear wife and I so suffer from it. I believe that vaccinations are flawed and can cause serious illnesses such as ME
    Give my Char a big hug for me in heaven