In memory of anonymous victims of ME


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Thought it would be good to have a thread for those who wish to acknowledge a friend lost to ME but who cannot post the name or identifying details out of respect for the wishes of the family.

This was prompted by the recent suicide of a good friend (not a member here) who suffered decades of ME, severe initially then mostly moderate. Finally a last severe spell with intractable excruciating pain became unbearable.

Dearest friend, I'm forever indebted to you because when I first fell ill you put aside your own preferences for privacy and discretion around your own health, despite hardly knowing me back then, and put me on the right track for diagnosis and treatment, or rather avoidance of harmful treatments. Without your intervention I would have made myself much, much worse by trying to exercise myself out of my peculiar 'unfitness'. And you made me laugh like few others could!

Thank you my friend, you've been a great support. I am so sorry nobody could help you when you needed it most.

RIP and free of pain.