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Improving CFS brain Lactate research?

Research 1st

Severe ME, POTS & MCAS.
Hello everyone, well following American 'pain & fatigue' researcher Jarred Younger's most interesting presentation on CFS brain inflammation which the OMF kindly uploaded to youtube, I wanted to ask you your views on this idea I had as patients please, because my opinion is obviously biased. I'd like yours please.

Question 1:
Do you think elevated brain Lactate in CFS is AFFECTED by:

1) Exertion.(walking within home).
2) Food intake.(high carb meals).
3) Cognitive (reading, writing).
4) Neither.

Question 2)
Do you think CFS brain Lactate is raised anyway (at rest, even fasting) and is thus probable evidence of the brain not being able to use glucose correctly, so it's compensating by raising Lactate to use as 'fuel? NOT primarily as a dysfunctional consequence of the other daily factors I listed in Q1? (Food, exercise), although it may still be affected moderately

Question 3:
Do you think in future CFS brain inflammation research studies, CFS patients should be split into multiple groups to see if the scan results change? If so, this could finally outlaw CBT/GET, if exercise cause a flair in neuroinflammatory processes such as Lactate....

Possible brain scanning groups:
Fasting and resting.
Fasting & Exercise (walking)
Fasting & cognitive challenge.

High carb meal and resting.
High carb meal & exercise (walking)
High carb meal & cognitive challenge.

Please advise if you think this idea is silly. I'd love to know your opinions. Thank you.

Video below. I know it's been posted ages ago, just thought it might help add context.