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Important more news and information from the WPI


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Still waiting for the merest hint over what XMRV might mean for IBS, MS, MCS and ETC. Shame nobody took my advice to quickly send 10 properly-collected samples each from all major ideopathic conditions to the WPI. It is still the most rational next step so a real shame that still no authority has had the sense to even suggest that. Not in the least suprising to me though. My proposal is simply too logical and requires parallel reasoning rather than dull sequential plodding. It's no way to save money or lives.

Keeps the focus on the most neglected and under-prioritised patient group in modern history though, and makes sure everyone will all remember where the breakthrough came from, so the likelihood that the paradigm-boggling nature of their condition translates into an epic shift in scientifc understanding means that when humanity realises that it has been cutting off its own nose to spite its face, that might just force us all to realise that when you leave a single one behind, you leave all behind. "Researchers are put off from specialising in CFS research because it seems so resistant to our efforts to solve it". PAH! All those billions on cancer research (and how has that been going? That's proving much easier to figure out, right?), and in the end, inevitably, the answers come from somewhere else. You couldn't make it up...