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Email from Joan at the GcMaf conference
The conference was interesting. My talk went down well and my data is being used by others now to raise awareness of how GcMaf can help pwME. Not all the lectures were particularly focused on gc maf and the cancer speakers put on a rather poor show of presenting data. Prof Ruggerio, Prof De Meirlier and Dr Bradstreet’s along with mine work are worth a look if they get posted on-line at some point. I think the Italian ME group that made the videos are editing things now.

There was some mention about Lyme but not a whole lot. until we have good testing that proves people are chronically infected (e.g. culture and verification by pcr) I doubt things will move forward. Until then most pwLyme with continue to have CFS/ME diagnoses and their NHS ID doctors will remain sceptical!!!

Dr Bradstreet’s autism lecture was interesting. He is now working on FDA approval and clinical trials in the US. Now that would be interesting indeed! Once FDA approval goes through then this opens a lot more doors for clinical trials – which would be FAB! I’ve never seem any ME/CFS treatment work like this. For those that respond – not all do, but those that do, the difference is like night and day.