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immunologist reccomendation in the UK (NHS)?


Senior Member
Hi all,

I have been looking at treatments that might work for me. I had MONO/Glandular Fever very bad when i was younger, so a link to EPV seems a good bet to me.
I also have immune system dysfunciton, because i dont catch any colds or anything like that, so i want to ask my GP for referal to an Immunologist who will run some tests, for EBV and other things and then reccomend a treatment - perhaps Valtrex, if i am found to have an EBV problem, or whatever treatment is best.

But i dont just want to see any immunologist, i want to see one who is familiar with ME/CFS and who is likely to be worth seeing.

I cant afford to go private - not really - so i am hopeing that someone can reccomend an NHS consultant. I live in Wiltshire, so it would be ideal if it was fairly close, within 100 miles...but i will go to London, or further afield if the consultant is good.


p.s. i see my GP this coming Tuesday.


Senior Member
Hi Joel

I've recently been seeing Dr Chee at the Royal Free Hospital Immunology Dept, London.

PM me if you want any more info.