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Immune System Tests for ME/CFS


Senior Member
Sorry, this is kind of a continuation of my other post on NK cells and T-Cells.........but I'm just wondering if there are any genuine "Immune System tests", I guess the kind they would run on HIV/AIDS patients?.....that would be helpful to basically show doctors that yes, there is indeed something not right with my immune system. CD4? Stuff like that.

I plan on having the VIPdx immune panel done sometime, although expensive, but guess I'm just wondering if there is anything similar, of it anyone could list some immune system tests that are readily available by commerical labs (therefore my insurance would cover atleast part of it)

Also, does anyone know of what kind of test, if any, can show that there could be Inflammation in our bodies OTHER than the Sed Rate? They always want to run Sed Rates but with ME/CFS it's been proven that Sed Rates are usually low....sometimes Zero! Then, they think you have no inflammation.