Immune system supplements?

I’ve been on KPAX immune booster. Focus of this supplement is mitochondria. How do I test if it’s working?

any other immune boosters you’d recommend?


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Elderberry is the strongest immunostimulant I've encountered. It made my symptoms much worse. No mistaking its effectiveness. :xpem:

I don't think ME is as simple as an immune system that is abnormally weak or strong. While the immune system does seem to be involved, the problem might not lie in the immune cells, but rather in other parts of the body (or more likely, brain) that affect how the immune system functions.

The only way to find out if an immunomodulator--or anything else--will work for you is to try it and see what happens. If you notice a benefit, you can experiment with similar products. If it makes you feel worse, you can guess at other related things that you should probably avoid.

Something is working if you notice an effect, good or bad. If you don't notice an effect, it's up to you how long you want to consider taking just in case it takes days/weeks/months/years/decades to start having a noticeable effect. Most things that worked for me had a noticeable effect in a day or so. A few worked within a day, but took a year or two before they abruptly had a permanent effect (cure).