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If you had a windfall of $200, what supplements would you buy?


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I know that the answer to this will be different for different people but I have recently come into a windfall of $200.

I take C0Q10 now because I am able to get it at an affordable rate at Costco but I must admit that I am completely overwhelmed with how many different supplements there are to try out there.

If your body is able to tolerate supplements, do you have any advice on what would be the best bang for your buck?

It is so rare that I ever have extra money to spend on my health so I currently find myself with decision paralysis so any and all advice on this topic is welcome.


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Southern California
Hi @Abrin - several people here (including myself) have had good results with branched chain amino acids. They cut my PEM recovery time by more than half. I take 5000 mg a day in two divided doses (2500 each dose) @ljimbo423 is having very good results with 13000 mg a day ( a very high dose, which would give me insomnia) but they increase his energy a lot.

Also, a product called Cellfood has increased my energy noticeably and is helping my immune system, though it can cause a detox reaction, especially at first so it's best to start low and go slow.

But we're all different - there are people who have reacted badly to both of these things - wish I could tell you for sure if they would help!

Also, d-ribose helped me noticeably with energy - but again, not for everyone - nothing is actually!

Good luck - I hope you find something helpful here!


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United Kingdom
b12 shots whilst not for everyone should probably always be given at least one go. Preferably with a local nurse/doctor who can administer.

There's a thread about it on rising, you just need to search for b12 is the bees knees or something similiar and it will appear.


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To answer the question in the title: none. There aren't any supplements I know of that do anything for me at this point. The same holds true for prescription drugs. There are plenty of both that I haven't tried yet, but I have no reason to believe that they are likely to have a significant effect on me. The ones that had worked for me in the past were accidental discoveries that I don't know why they worked, and wouldn't have been near the top of my list for things to try.

I think buying a supplement at random is in the same category as buying a lottery ticket with poor odds: it's possible that you'll win, but it's very unlikely. Hmmm, $200 in lottery tickets has a slight chance of winning enough money to buy a lot of supplements, treatments, and trips to specialists.

I still think a bag of mixed gourmet jellybeans (all those chemicals!) might be as likely to provide an effect as anything from a supplements store...and would taste better. ;)


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If your body is able to tolerate supplements, do you have any advice on what would be the best bang for your buck?

Supplements, beside lifestyle changes, were a lifesaver from chronic diseases (PAD..) for me. The problem is in most cases, they have to be taken consistently for real beneficial health-effects.

For me no question too Coq10, because it directly helps me with very debiltating angina-like chestpains. Again, very debilitating muscle cramps I can only get rid of with loads of magnesium. For those 2 alone I would probably comit robbery, if I couldn't afford otherwise. :ninja: Or before that, go really cheap by ordering everything as bulk-powders (like from purebulk.com)

A well formulated multi-mineral/vitamin (with best forms of ingredients), like the very affordable LEF 2-per-day, by taking only 1 or even half a tablet per day. Vitamin D3, K2 and omega-3 fishoil softgels. A good B-complex and vitamin C powder.

Try to avoid Iron, Copper and too much Manganese in supplements (without indication of deficiencies through blood-tests in those).


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A bag of turmeric, organic 1lb from Frontier (preferred supplier), cost is less than $20. Make a warm tea to get it absorbed and put a little black pepper in it. (turmeric is difficult to assimilate, this is why a tea is preferred).

Turmeric is considered an adaptogenic herb so you will get support for stress, liver, cardio etc. Adaptogens is one of my top 10 treatments.


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I think buying a supplement at random is in the same category as buying a lottery ticket with poor odds: it's possible that you'll win, but it's very unlikely. Hmmm, $200 in lottery tickets has a slight chance of winning enough money to buy a lot of supplements, treatments, and trips to specialists.

I completely agree with you that this is definitely going to be a hit or miss thing.

That being said, I have managed to find a few supplements that have definitely been life changing in the past for me (granted not all for ME/CFS symptoms) like CoQ10, Theanine and Lysine so I figured I might as well 'buy a ticket' and cross my fingers. Hee Hee.


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i have wasted 100s and 100s of dollars on supplements, most of them do absolutely nothing or make me worse, herbs in particular seems to be a complete waste of money for me, though i've heard others raving about them. I guess it takes a lot of money and trial and error to find the right ones, and i just cant be bothered any more!

B vits make me worse, (have tried all types) though b6 has possibly been helpful it's hard to say. Andrographis and lemon balm completely wiped me out for two weeks after just one dose! and rhodeola also makes me sleepy. I have tried ginseng which gives me a little perk up but then super sleepy, so thats pointless too. Curcumin makes me brain fogged. Liquorice gave me awful migraines.

NT Factor - which i do believe could be beneficial for many, made me highly irritable and sound sensitive, so frustrating!

My main thought on this is everyone is so different it's impossible to suggest something that will guarantee to work for you though there does seem to be a few supps that seems to have a wider range of effectiveness. I have put them down below, they seem to have some small amount of benefit to me, and they also seem to be effective for more people.

Magnesium keeps my restless legs at bay, but can only take mag malate, as the other forms either do nothing or make me incredibly sleepy. Magnesium can also be helpful with migraine but i'm not sure it helps mine.

D-ribose gave me like a 1-5% improvement for maybe an hour - not worth the money or effort.

PQQ with coQ10 did make me feel a little better for a couple of weeks but of course i over did it and crashed, so you have to be careful with that, but i am thinking of trying it again.

NAC seemed to really help with my toxic feeling, head pressure and spine pain but now it doesn't seem to do much, though it seems to have actually permanently improved my spine pain so that is pretty cool. I do take it every so often to see if it will help further, but I can't tell, maybe it's done all it can.

I take vitamin D and K, the K seems to give me really heavy periods, but i do think the D stops me getting hand cramps, and in general it seems good to take D.

I also take C for immunity but again, haven't noticed much.

I have tried several different probiotics, and they made me have panic attacks. I tried Colostrum which i think did help with gut issues, but can only take for a few days or i'll start getting panic attacks. For gut issues i feel prebiotics is a safer approach, and have had some luck with inulin powder, and generally eating a diet high in prebiotic foods, resistant starch (cooked then cooled rice or potatoes) has made a more impactful improvement in my gut health over supps, but i don't have IBS i just get migraines that i believe are related to gut biome/flora imbalances.

Aminio Acids have been somewhat helpful and you'll hear others rave about them too. Phenylalanine/tyrosine seems to help me with migraines and irritablity, and i sometimes use it along side ritalin to reduce side effects.

Taurine has helped a little with anxiety as well as theanine, so i use them for when anxiety stops me sleeping. Taurine also seems to make a small improvement in my tinnitus.

So hopefully there's some idea of what to look into.
I would buy Chinese skullcap, apolactoferrin, and Siberian ginseng... only because they’ve made a difference for me in the past. Don’t really know what they’re doing but nothing else I’ve tried has done anything good.
I’ve actually only used the other type of skullcap (forget name) but I heard the Chinese/baicalin kind might be better so I’m hoping to try it.
I can’t recommend any of these things but someday when I’m given $200 I will buy them


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Northern California
Hi @Abrin

I am happy for you that you are able to do this nice thing for yourself and your health!

My suggestions come straight from the CFS Clinic at Stanford:

*Continue taking CoQ10, and upgrade to a 200mg capsule, if you aren't taking that amount already.

*L-Carnitine, 500 mg

*Turmeric (with Meriva), 500mg to start

*Magnesium citrate

Happy shopping!


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These are my indespensible supplements discovered after many years with ME/CFS:
* Betaine HCL with pepsin - because I have low stomach acid
* Vitamin C - helps reduce brainfog. I use the sodium ascorbate version to avoid overly acidic urine.

* Magnesium malate or glycinate
- For increased mental and physical energy
- Helps to prevent kidney stones
- Necessary to prevent low magnesium symptoms from vitamin D

* Potassium - For increased mental and physical energy, better mood.
* Ultima Replenisher (electrolyte mix) - I feel better when I take it throughout the day. More mental and physical energy.
* Taurine - reduces my sound sensitivity, may help reduce brainfog; good for the liver; reduces excess glutamate

* Zinc glycinate
- Improves mood, energy
- Good for immune system
- I seem to need zinc to show any symptoms of fighting off infections. Once I started taking zinc I finally started getting a stuffy nose and sneezing more often.

* B vitamins (Swanson Real Food B Vitamins are one of the few I can tolerate since it has such low niacin, to avoid further BP reduction; and low riboflavin, to avoid urinating even more than usual.)
- Mental energy, mood improvement
- Good for mitochondria support

* Melatonin - for sleep
* Dr. Christopher's Relax-eze - for sleep
* THC/CBD oil 50:50 mix - for sleep, occasionally since I feel worse if I take it for more than a few days in a row

* Vitamin D - this is a weird one for me. I can only tolerate taking it once a week otherwise I feel worse, with extra fatigue and lower stamina. I take 16,000 IU of liquid vitamin D. Carlson makes one that contains 4,000 IU per drop so taking a high dose is easy.

CoQ10 has been mentioned a few times. It's one to be careful of for anyone with low blood pressure. I can barely tolerate 30mg per day when I take it. Vitacost brand has a good range of dosages.

Rufous McKinney

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herbs in particular seems to be a complete waste of money for me

I entirely delegated my herbs to the Chinese herbalist who is an expert. And so I just pay this expert. I spend about $150 a month. They help me alot.

Its doubtful I could achieve these benefits attempting it out on my own, the chinese herbal system is complex amd requires thoughtful attention and skill to deploy effectively.