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I will say it again, it is a mitochondrial disease.


Senior Member
I took 1/2 a dose of modafinil.....and did not like how I felt- and my eyes did feel strange...I slept ok that nite ..but then proceeded to get severe flu 24 hours later...weeks have since passed. Bad coincidence.

I am frankly afraid to take it again. Head ache. But promised my doctor I would.

Do you want to feel more awake, and alert, when body is awash in Sickness Behavior? I don't seem to want to be more alert...
Feels like being forced to be awake but no euphoria like a drug would cause. I crashed for 3 days off of that. Basically the only thing I've found for anyone with Auto immune disorders is look up the marshal prootocol but I'm too scared to try it.
Also yes I believe it kicked the body into hyper drive which in result caused you to crash and get sick because of that.
The only thing modafinil did help with is my tremors which are not good at the moment.
Dr. Mercola says a lot of modern illness is mitochondrial disease, doesn't he.?

Fat For Fuel is an interesting read. Mitochondria vary from 1 mito per skin cell up to 5000 per heart and brain cell.