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I Remember ME Thoughts And Curiosities

Never Give Up

Collecting improvements, until there's a cure.
I watched I remember ME for the first time last night, after seeing a link for it in another thread.

I am truly sickened that the ME community faces the same problems today that it faced 19 years ago.

I was amused to see Dr.'s Klimas, Peterson, and Bell looking so young and a little less confident.

Impressed that Dr. Peterson had the foresight, patience, and perseverance to collect and store patient samples.

So grateful that the doctors have invested their careers in ME.

Loved seeing that doctor in Florida say he always thought it was physiologic, and then watching him read his own words quoted in a long ago article saying the exact opposite.

I am very curious about what has happened to everyone in the film in the intervening years. Does anyone know anything about this?

Anyone know if an "I Remember ME" follow up is in he works?