i month anniversary from WPI xmrv press release


It's one month since WPI had their press release regarding xmrv.

Happy anniversary!:D

So, as anniversaries are a time of celebration for me, tomorrow (it's 10:30 pm PST here, but 1:30am EST so already morning "back east" as we ex-easterners say - the time zone used on the release) I will wash my hair to celebrate!

And as they're also a time for reflection for me, hmmm, how has my life changed since then?

1st and foremost, I'd say finding this forum - what a wonderful new community!

And 2nd, a more active form of hope again.

I have always remained hopeful that I will return to health and functioning at a higher level in the world. I yearn for it and do all that I can to make it happen. In fact, for the first 3 or 4 years I was certain I would get better. I spent the 1st 5 or 6 years focussing all my energy, time and money trying to get better. Well - money's gone so can't try as much (or pay for that much needed cleaner). But also I guess I realized that I had to have a life as well - I can't only focus on getting better.

The xmrv news and the signs of the world research community and $$$$ getting activated has made my hope more active.

I'm now envisioning a party of risen phoenixes, as I said on another post. I imagine meeting you all when we're better! We're thinking somewhere warm, sunny, dry, beautiful, and somewhere we can swim!



happy to be here
mountains of north carolina
I remember just where I was and what I was doing when I heard the story on NPR. It's been a wild, whirlwind, world-turned-upside-down month for me as well.

What you say about the resurgence of hope has also been much on my mind - I didn't know how much I'd put my hope away until it came surging back. Not that I was in despair, but after 5+ years I'd come to accept my limitations as a likely-permanent part of my life. The analogy that's some to me is, it's as if I'd lost a leg, and grieved over my loss through all the stages, and over the years come to accept it and realize, hey, I can still live a full life, there are lots of things I can still do - and suddenly one day out of the blue, a medical miracle and they're saying, You might be able to grow your leg back, would you like to try? A rebirth - but disconcerting and scary too.

I am slowly percolating the idea of creating a documentary photo/audio project on that topic, XMRV and hope (that's what I do for work).