I may a host defy...


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The XMRV discovery has caused me to see, for the first time really, how CFS is a political battleground. Reading up on the history and watching how it's repeating itself has really opened my eyes as to what we're up against.

Yesterday I ran accross a hymn I had marked as a favorite, and found the first verse to be quite applicable:

If God Himself be for me, I may a host defy,
For when I pray, before me my foes confounded fly.
If Christ, the Head, befriend me, if God be my support,
The mischief they intend me shall quickly come to naught.

It is, of course, based on the Bible verse, "If God is for us, who can stand against us?"

The Bible is full of stories of the oppressed being released from their oppressors in joyous victory, as well as future promises for the same. Sometimes it takes a while - 300 years in Israel's case in Egypt - but it does happen. And I love how the Bible says that God looked down on the Israelites and was concerned for them. I believe He watches our suffering with the same attitude.

So I thought here would be a nice place to share Bible verses, songs, and other such things that talk about being released from oppression and victorious over a less than honorable foe, as encouragement for each other.

I would like to request that we refrain from saying anything hateful in this thread about the CDC, NICE, Wessley, Reeves, or anyone else that has harmed us, since we are called to love our enemies. We can relish the thought of forcing them to accept the truth, play fair, and treat us with respect, but lets keep it on the high road, okay? (Yes, I am in fact aware of how explicit David was in the Psalms. :p)