I have been referred to an EMG Clinic



Hi all,

I wonder if you can shed some light on this.
I was in hospital just after Christmas and I saw a neurologist while there. She was very rushed but did give me a Romberg test which I failed. My reflexes were working ok though, except my ankles which were quite faint.

She then ordered 2 blood tests for me - one called "Antibody" and another that I hadn't a clue what it was.

She booked an outpatients appointment for me with her for next week, but I've just got a letter through in the post inviting me to the EMG Clinic 5 at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, for an EMG/Nerve Conduction test.

Has anybody else had such a test? What conditions could they be testing for? Is this likely to come up with abnormalities related to M.E. ?

I feel quite chuffed that they're taking my condition so seriously.

Rachel xx

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Hi Rachel,

I have had several EMG and nerve conduction tests since I fell ill with ME.

They were looking for signs of muscle or nerve diseases. I actually had a consistent abnormal pattern in all of those, but after taking biospies from my muscles they were found to be "non-specific".

I don't think my abnomalities were in any way typical of ME, but then again not many of us ever get tested for this.

Most of my ME symptoms are neurological and muscle weakness is the most prominent, so for a long time my doctors believed I was having a muscle disease.

I wish you all the best for the appointment!



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I had one in 1985 (!) so it may be different now. I think it shows up myasthenia gravis in particular.

It wasn't painful, just like a little prickle. I was told everything was fine when I saw the consultant again but while I was having it done the technician and the nurses kept going into a huddle, looking at the read out and muttering. I had some bits done twice.

I suspect that, as with all things ME, they weren't the usual readings but they weren't bad enough for me to have a recognised disease - though if ME was recognised they would probably have fit the results for that :Retro smile:

I am glad you are being taken seriously, most of my symptoms are neurological, too.



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Because my first severe symptoms were neurological (dx'd trigeminal neuralgia, optical migraines, neuropathy, etc.) I was initially tested extensively for Ms then Motor neuron diseases. Althogh I tested positive Rombergs, positive Babinski, Hyperreflrxia and Asymmetrical Myelopathy..my MRI's showed only 2 small white matter lesions so MS was ruled out. Over a period of about 12 yrs I've had 3 sets of EMG's/Nerve Conduction Studies, Brain MRI's, BAER tests (and one Spinal Tap). Results are always within "range". These tests are useful in dx'n or ruling out MS, Peripheral Neuropathies, neurological abnormalities.


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East Midlands
Hi Rachel,

Yes I had the EMG/nerve conduction and other tests run at the NHNN.

Mine concluded that my nerves were connected to my muscles (I was told the test was checking for MS like demylination and nerves hence not connected) and though the were puzzled and interested in my atypical patterns their only role was to check for evidence of demylination. So nothing came of it for me.

Apart from one doctor, unfortunatley the professor overseeing my case, I was treated well. Infact apart from him all the other docs were surprised I hadn't been referred had the EMG etc before.

The most interesting part was that the first doctor, a junior one, tested neurological enzyme levels. I think these usually look for absence of particular enzymes, which indicates genetic abnormality. Anyway my results showed 6/8 of mine to be below range, a couple way, way below, which the prof dismissed (and critiscied the junior doc for ordering),but I checked out the function of the individual enzymes and research into them and it tally's well with my symptoms including cognitive, visual and auditory abnormailites.

I've gone way off what you asked- but to me it explained a few things the other tests hadn't.

Good Luck,


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Hi Rachel
I went to a Neurologist here in the US when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am positive for xmrv, anyway after all blood test and various other test. I had the emg/ nerve conduction test. It is to rule out other disease
which is a good thing. Some of the diseases are very serious.
Ms and other diseases it is a good test to get and rule out other muscle wasting and other nerve disease. Here in the US was a peice of cake as far as testing.

Good luck and do not worry you will be fine. anybody that can type as fast as you can!
Let us know ok!