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I feel a lot better but am I kidding myself?


Senior Member
I feel much much better than I did in say 2013 and 2014. However, on the advice of Jeff on this forum who urged me to get diagnosed before I got too sick to travel, I went to OMI and did get a diagnosis in early 2015. I'm very thankful I went.
Sometimes my story seems so different from the stories here and I think I don't have CFS/ME and in fact think I have a reason for my prior fatigue (2 tick borne and several viruses, low NK cells, and a few other things)
But after reading that CFS/ME is often triggered by CMV, EBV, and Herpes Virus, all of which I have, is it likely I will get worse, and I'm currently in "the calm before the storm"? I've only taken the Famciclovir (for the viruses) so far (and haven't started the Babesia meds) My last blood test a few weeks ago seemed to show the viruses are still present but I'd need to speak to Dr Kaufman to see if that's correct.
My current energy level on the Energy Index is about a 4.
Just wondering after all I read today if I'm being foolish by not taking all the meds and by assuming that I'm getting better.


Senior Member
Vic, AU
Regardless of what reason may be causing your condition, and regardless of why you may be improving, you need to take it easy and one step at a time, all the time, regardless. My point being whether you relapse or not is irrelevant, all you can do, all any of us do is ride it day to day and if you are feeling better that is great, enjoy it, and lets hope it continues.

Postulating that something is a calm before a storm is ridiculous, what does that even mean for any given individual with ME, at any given time of their situation. As you even say you think your experience does not appear the same as others, we all tend to share some blatant similarities but with much variance as well, and likely different factors.

Would not think about it too much and try to trust in your own awareness of your body, and keep trying to work out what helps and might work for you.


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australia (brisbane)
Its hard to pin point the cause but treating abnormalities/infections found and trying to improve immune function directly or maybe indirectly through improving sleep or hormones etc.

Its hard to predict when u have a relapse which can depend on pacing or just happen for no reason. Knowing they happen and to work out a plan for crashes, extra sleep or a b12 shot etc. The less crashes you have the better but you have to test the boundaries abit every so often.


Senior Member
Ventura, CA
Something I have noticed in your post, that was similar to my situation and true for some other people, is that when we start really feeling better there is this inherent fear that bubbles to the surface of getting worse, or relapsing. The truth is no one really knows what is going to happen and most cases of chronic illness seem to have an up and down recovery process.

All we can do is to see which things are helping and continue along knowing you are starting to move in the right direction. It is interesting to see how we can have so much emotion to process after the worst of times, or when we start really getting well again.

Anyways you will be okay it is great to hear you are having such improvement, I wouldn't recommend stopping everything immediately because you are feeling better though.

Sometimes people will start feeling better and jump off certain treatments too soon, or take on too much, too soon and crash as a result. Just listen to your body I suppose, you know it better then anyone else does.