Hydrogen Sulfide - Gut Treatments


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ha ha! that's pretty darn good. These gases are so interesting. Martin pall thinks we are producing too much nitric oxide; as I remember another researcher is studying whether we are producing too little.

Marian Lemle first got interested in this after a researcher described a man who had woken up after being pronounced dead after drowning in the cold waters off Alaska. he proposed that hydrogen sulfide had a protective effect- it slowed the bodies metabolism down - reducing oxidative stress - and thereby allowing them to persist in any state of hibernation. So she believes too much hydrogen sulfide but what if in the vessels of the brain we're are actually producing too little?


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I have had another response to my question, which if I understand it correctly is saying:

H2S increases nmda thereby increasing nitric oxide and peroxynitrite

So my thoughts are that it is not only ok for me to suppress the bacteria causing the h2s, it is vital to my recovery.