HR monitor recommendations and questions about HR

Hey, looking for a wearable heart rate monitor that has an alarm (sound preferably) to help with pacing. If it monitored blood pressure too, that would be great. I've seen other posts on this but the ones I found weren't available to be sent to me in Ireland.

Also, how do people.manage keeping your HR low (I'm aiming for 110bpm) when my resting heart rate is 80-90 and getting out of bed can make it spike? And anyone else see their HR actually go down when they are exerting themselves but go up when resting (from 40/50bpm back up to 90bpm when resting, plus lots of HR jumping around up and down) By exerting, I only stroll for ten minutes or so laundry etc. Any idea what's going on?

Thanks for any help!


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I have a Garmin HR smartwatch and it can do alarms when you hit particular levels (which are defined as percentages of max HR, you can change the percentage and the max so technically it's completely configurable just a bit indirect) but it only does it for activities. You can run an activity/exercise for much of the day if you want and that would work but it will drain the battery a lot faster and turn off the normal watch function while it does it focussing on the 2-3 exercise screens it has. So it OK for ensuring exercising doesn't exceed HR but not so great for general day to day of ensuring heart rate is low.