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How to separate the CFS from the Mold Toxins?


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I’m so confused by the relationship of CFS and Mold. Is there a connection? I had EBV and tested a 10.44 for ochratoxin. Which should I be focused on? Could the mold be what’s making the CFS hang around?


Forum Support Assistant
Dr. Neil Nathan has a book called "Toxic" that discusses mold, chemicals, and some of the treatments that he and others have been using. He considers ME/CFS to be related to mold exposure for some patients.

The American ME/CFS Society has a review of the book.
+1 on reading that book.

I think Shoemaker has shown that a large % of people diagnosed as CFS were mold toxic, and I don't know enough about CFS to understand if the mold caused it for them, or if they were just misdiagnosed because their is a major overlap in symptoms.

If I were you, I'd be focused on treating the mold. Finding the source of exposure is probably the best thing you can do. As for treating, I'd go with what's in Neil Nathan's book but it's not the only way to go. Starting very slowly with a binder - charcoal, sacromyces boullardi, bentonite clay are all ochratoxin binders if I remember right.