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How to find a doctor in my area who will prescribe antivirals?


Senior Member
York, England
I'm in the UK, no G.P or Dr. will give you any medication for ME/CFS, the NHS told me to go home and exercise myself to good health. I get my antivirals from alldaychemist. https://www.alldaychemist.com/ I have been ill along time with remissions along the way but never full recovery, but perhaps around 90-95% when I was much younger.

Very limited testing, only what's offered on the NHS. I have anti bodies to EBV, non for HHV-6, non for Coxsackle, still waiting for results for CMV. Been taking valtrex for 18 months with slow but steady improvements month on month (present bout of illness started in 1993, so I expect a long recovery path). The 15 months before that no improvement of any kind after having to stop working. I was on the sever end of moderate. I can probably do about 2 hours on continued slow low activity now without crashing and then after resting for some time do a bit more later the same day.

Lots on here have had lots of testing and have great treatments to help them improve, but what works for one doesn't another. I've decided (unless I win the lottery) to systematically go through differing treatments, starting with ones for anti virals as my present stretch of illness was diagnosed with EBV at the onset. I'm also mindful that basically my body cant make energy and bodies make energy in the mitochondria. So I'm also targeting initially supporting that function.

I get regular liver function tests and they are always on the high side but within normal range, apart form one time when I was taking a few herbs for anti viral activity, which didn't appear to help over a month. I stopped and the liver readings went back to normal. I appear to tolerate well most and a mixtures of medication most of the time. I tried Alive by Nature's MNN's and crashed so for now I've stopped them, I think I still need to build up to that type of energy supply.

I'm extremely slow and methodical with what I try considering the nasty and good effects of anything. Even though my bodies broken it's still me temple.

Good luck.