How Scientists take the reader for a fool: Fluoride Consumption

ScienceDaily posted this article about fluoride consumption where scientists come to the conclusion that some children develop mild fluorosis because they consume too much fluoride. But instead of saying that we maybe should be careful with the intake of too much fluoride especially for infants they claim:

"fluoride has been proven to prevent tooth decay, and mild (enamel) fluorosis does not negatively affect dental health or quality of life."

Of course fluoride does not negatively affect dental health, that is why we put it into tooth paste. I want to know if fluoride can have other negative effects not related to teeth!

But it gets even more ridiculous. During the whole text they refer to "mild enamel fluorosis" which appears as barely noticeable faint white lines or streaks on tooth enamel that may occur when children ingest excess fluoride while their teeth are developing. Don't get me wrong but it's just awesome that they tell the reader that these faint white lines don't affect the quality of life, who would have guessed that.

"Nearly all of the fluorosis in our study participants was mild. A recent review of the effects of mild dental fluorosis on oral health-related quality of life concluded that the effect of mild fluorosis was not adverse and could even be favorable," according to the study."

To kind of advice or encourage people to consume high enough amounts of fluoride which lead to mild fluorosis and not cut back on the intake is just stupid in my eyes.

Recent Pubmed abstracts about the possible dangers of Fluoride:

2010 Oct 23. Molecular mechanisms of fluoride toxicity.

...However, in the last decade, interest in its undesirable effects has resurfaced due to the awareness that this element interacts with cellular systems even at low doses. In recent years, several investigations demonstrated that fluoride can induce oxidative stress and modulate intracellular redox homeostasis, lipid peroxidation and protein carbonyl content, as well as alter gene expression and cause apoptosis. Genes modulated by fluoride include those related to the stress response, metabolic enzymes, the cell cycle, cell-cell communications and signal transduction...

PMID: 20650267


2010 Oct 23. Fluoride-Induced Oxidative Stress in Three-Dimensional Culture of OS732 Cells and Rats.

...Despite its recognized importance as an endemic disease, little is known about how fluoride directly impacts on osteoblasts. We previously reported that fluoride-stimulating monolayer-cultured osteoblast proliferation or inhibiting cell viability depended on fluoride-exposure concentration and period, both accompanied with active oxidative stress...

PMID: 20972717


...However, other elements present in drinking water, such as fluoride, copper, zinc, or iron could also have an effect on cognitive impairment or modify any Aluminium neurotoxicity...

PMID: 20378957

...We have shown that chronic fluorosis patients had left ventricular diastolic and global dysfunctions.
PMID: 20206377


...As evident in this study the antioxidative nature of selenium coupled with its reversal effect on metabolic enzymes in brain of mice treated with fluoride suggests its use as antidote agent against fluorosis.

PMID: 20143719

When fluoride treatment was the new thing back in the seventies my father, a dentist, refused to give it to anyone. He lost a lot of patients who were hell bent on having it. He said he did not want it on his conscience to have done that to anyone as it was so dangerous.
There have been villages in India and other places where the water was too heavily flouridated (it was acknowledged in retrospect) and many people died. Yet they still put fluoride in our water.
I think it is a violation of human rights. They are planning to ban the use of nutrients by the codex alimentarius yet they force a chemical on us which is not a nutrient and is known to be toxic.


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They believe no one does any research and yet so many people are very aware of it's harms.I have a filter on my water system but there are days when I can still smell it.
I may be drinking Figi water only...another cost!


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It is an article specifically about a trial to assess associations between dental fluorosis and fluoride intake, and they reported the results of the trial. Nobody is being taken for a fool.

Objectives. The authors describe associations between dental fluorosis and fluoride intakes, with an emphasis on intake from fluoride in infant formula.

Methods. The authors administered periodic questionnaires to parents to assess children’s early fluoride intake sources from beverages, selected foods, dentifrice and supplements. They later assessed relationships between fluorosis of the permanent maxillary incisors and fluoride intake from beverages and other sources, both for individual time points and cumulatively using area-under-the-curve (AUC) estimates. The authors determined effects associated with fluoride in reconstituted powdered infant formulas, along with risks associated with intake of fluoride from dentifrice and other sources.


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They are planning to ban the use of nutrients by the codex alimentarius yet they force a chemical on us which is not a nutrient and is known to be toxic.
Good point! Smells fishy to me, big pharma etc...I did not grow up drinking fluoridated water and have recently quit drinking it at work!
It is an article specifically about a trial to assess associations between dental fluorosis and fluoride intake, and they reported the results of the trial. Nobody is being taken for a fool.
It still says nothing about possible dangers of fluoride.
Fluoride intake in any form is injurious to health and steps should be taken to efectively monitor its probable sorces of intake wih the impending harmful effects.


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Fluoride and M.E.

from this link:

Fluoride and ME

Although few researchers have looked at the role of fluoride in the development of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), there are conspicuous similarities between key features of ME/chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and those seen in the very early stages of fluoride poisoning (Fluoride, 1998; 31: 13-20; see box, p 1).

Dr John McLaren Howard of Biolab in London offers a few important clues as to why this may be. He discovered that ME patients experience reduced movement of white blood cells when exposed to quite low levels of fluoride (InterAction 14, Autumn, 1994: 53-4). This effect on white blood cells might render patients less able to fight infections efficiently, or lead to an exacerbation of their health problems.

Fluoride also interferes with phagocytosis, as well as causing the release of superoxide free radicals in resting white blood cells. This means that fluoride slows down and weakens the very cells which serve as the body's defence system. Bacteria, viruses, chemicals and the body's own damaged or cancerous cells are then allowed to wreak havoc. Minor infections take longer to clear and can cause more serious illness (J Yiamouian-nis, The Aging Factor, Health Action Press, 1993: 32). This is precisely what appears to be happening in many cases of ME.

We do not know how many children or teenagers had topical dental treatment with high concentration fluoride, before succumbing to infections which led to ME/CFS. Tests done by the Japanese researchers at the Nippon Dental College, Tokyo on potential hazards on high doses of fluoride showed that levels as low as 57 ppm could induce genetic damage and irregular synthesis of DNA in mammalian cells. These tests were undertaken to assess the hazards of rub on fluoride products used to prevent tooth decay, at concentrations of 9000 ppm (paper presented at a meeting of The Japanese Society for Cancer Research, August 23, 1982, cited in The Ecologist, 1986; 16: 249-52). Varnishes containing 20,000 ppm fluoride, supposedly to strengthen teeth, may in future be applied.

My son had fluoride treatment to prevent tooth decay in the autumn of 1979, after which his health dramatically deteriorated, commencing with gastric problems, various minor infections and glandular fever, followed by atypical measles, more infections and eventually resulting in ME in 1980.

In the end, the fluoride treatment didn't work in preventing tooth decay. He has needed 15 fillings over nine years.

The American pathologist Majid Ali of Columbia University, New York, explains that chronic fatigue results from an "accelerated oxidative molecular injury". Only a well functioning enzyme system can protect us from such injury and maintain normal energy levels. In ME there is a high frequency of membrane deformities, due to increased oxidative stress on the cell membranes, which is why sufferers lack energy similar to what happens in fluoride poisoning (The Canary and Chronic Fatigue, New Jersey: Life Span Press, 1994).

Experienced researchers who have studied ME for decades maintain that, as with polio, it is brought on by damage to anterior horn cells caused by a gut virus, which explains why polio victims are paralysed or suffer from impaired motor function (B M Hyde et al, The Clinical and Scientific Basis of ME/CFS, Ottawa: Nightingale Research Foundation, 1992: 111-6). But fluoride has also been shown to damage anterior horn cells. Gastrointestinal disturbances, often referred to as IBS, are also known to play a significant part in ME, as they are in the chronic fluoride toxicity syndrome.

Severe sleep disturbances, or reversal of sleep rhythm, are a common feature in ME/CFS (Clin: 285-91). Deposits of large quantities of fluoride in the pineal gland of animals have caused similar problems (J Luke, Bellingham Conference, 1998).

At this point, no one knows just how much these syndromes overlap, or to what extent fluoride facilitates the development of ME by various biological agents. The indications are that fluoride may act as as a "facilitating co-factor" and exacerbate existing problems in such patients. Or it could be, as Dr H C Moolenburgh Dutch author and fluoride critic suggests, that ME is one of the end stages of a general chemical poisoning, with fluoride one of the worse offenders.