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How safe is Hulda Clark Hydrochloric Acid 5% for improving stomach ph?

I'm trying to attack my SIBO/SIFO from other angles, my current goal is to lower the PH in my stomach to improve my digestion, unfortunately I can't take Betaine HCL or Apple Cider Vinegar, malic acid could perhaps worsen MCAS/HIT and cholagogue and cholinergic plants such as gentian root or artichoke are discouraged when there is a gallbladder problem, but while wandering around the internet I found this peculiar supplement; Hydrochloric Acid 5%, I didn't know this could be ingested, does anyone know the safety of supplementing with something like this?

Another interesting thing is that for a brief period I supplemented with 500mg of sodium phosphate monohydrate once or twice a day, bizarrely my digestion, bowel movements and sinusitis improved a lot, what is the relationship between phosphate and stomach pH? Thank you all!