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How much melatonin do you all take?

I've taken 1.5mg for years. With the snps I have I'm curious whether it might be good to
bump my dose up a bit.
I think its mostly placebo i kept taking it and didn't notice effect at low dosages. I dont want to bother higher dosages and screw up my body.


Senior Member
Vic, AU
1.25mg (break 2.5mg tabs) for years, do not know how I would have managed without it, worked for me.

With a lot of improvement in last 12 months have been hoping to get off it, went a couple of days without it and noticed I could manage on less sleep, woke up more clear headed but it just did not last because once my cognitive symptoms come back from exertion I have to have it, just still no biological clock 95% of time even though I have got myself to about 80%-85% functioning.


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australia (brisbane)
In the beginning of cfs it helped me to fall asleep but now does very little. Currently using a 10mg slow release formula. Im uding more for its antioxidant ability.