How much IUs vitamin D do you take?


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There is this thing called coimbra protocol etc with high doses of vit d.

Ive a case with a woman reversing her myasthenia gravis with 70-80k IUs of vitamin d a day if I remember correctly.

Have some of you tried HIGH doses of vit d?


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I've taken in average 7.700 IU (190 mcg) every day for the last 12 years, resulting in an average 25(OH)D serum level of 70 ng/ml. The highest outlier was at 135 ng/ml, retested later because this test was thought having been lost. Came back already 2 weels later down to 111 (at intakes of 240 mcg/d versus 220 mcg/d).

That high serum vitamin D3 level coincided with my highest serum testosterone levels (usually deficient) and remission from frequent PEMS. Confounded also by taking LDN above 2 mg/d, having my only root-canal treated tooth extracted, and mothly Mg-Sulfate IVs (tested repeatly very deficient. Probably compounted by the higher vitamin D serum levels, and higher utitlization of this cofactor in vitamin D metabolism).

Otherwise had no adverse effects. Calcium levels been the first 2 years supplementing below normal reference range. And since came up and stayed in the middle of normal reference range.

Though I want to emphasis: Repeated comprehensive labtesting is mandatory with intakes above 4.000 IU per day. Everyone might react differently.


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I did try a modified version of the Coimbra protocol because there are a couple of reports of people who said they had CFS and had some improvement on the protocol.

He also talked in one of his videos about how he calculates dose per body weight. The amount I took was about 1/2 that, I think, because I'm super sensitive to supplements and medications so I also start out with less.

I did feel better while on it however after about 3 days of 25K IU per day, my gums started to bleed heavily and my teeth got very loose. I think I caused scurvy because my body was using the vit d to repair things and I was not giving it enough vitamin c to do so. I'm thinking it may also cause other deficiencies. Plus, I have to make sure I take it with K2 or I get horrific leg cramps.

You also have to keep your calcium intake very low while on it. Probably best to find a practitioner to work with if you can. Coimbra Protocol Doctors.

Edit: I PM'd you the one listed for your country.

Also I do still take D3 + K2 + Vitamin C when I need a little help getting through my day. It's one of those things that give me a slight boost.

Ken Lassesen also posted a blog about this: (Though not in reference to the Coimbra Protocol.)
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