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How many probiotics should my wife take at once?

My wife did a test with BiomeSight in December, we got the results a few weeks ago and ran them through the microbiomeprescription.com website to get her recommendations. We ordered the one with the highest impact score (Theramedix Priobiotic) and she started taking it this week. But yesterday I saw a post where someone was multiple priobiotics at once, and it got me wondering.

Should we just stick with the one to start with? Or should we find several that have positive impact scores, get all the ones that don't have a lot of overlap in ingredients, and take multiple at a time?

If it matters, her biggest outliers were extremely high Sphingobacteriia (the highest count in the dataset for the site), and extremely low Faecalibacterium prausnitzii and Dorea.


Senior Member
I initially did a similar thing where I went through the top 10 bad guys and top 10 missing good guys and started on probiotics that did as much about those sides of the problem as possible, rotating around. It helped but it did not fix the IBS-C. Then gradually I got more serious, my diet is focussed on feeding the right bacteria, I am taking probiotic food/drink in multiple times a day and I am targeting with probiotics, that has moved the needle and seems to keep moving it in the right direction.

Start with a nudge, I think with all drug interventions starting low and slow is the right thing to do and then ramp upwards if you don't have any issues or effects. I haven't yet had the chance to do a follow up biomesight test so I am keen to see what progress I make over about a year (probably do it June/July time) but I can definitely feel the difference even if my intenstines aren't always happy its a lot improved.