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how do you manage low barometric pressure pain, stiffness, fatigue? what helps?


Senior Member
this time of year is tough b/c a lot of storms where I live, and therefore, a lot of low pressure systems causing muscle/joint pain, fatigue, and overall stiffness... it's extremely difficult for me to function until it's passed... I've found some things that help me recover... magnesium (epsom salts, mg pills and spray), OTC pain relief (tylenol and aleve) and heat.... but it's hard to get up during the actual low baro pressure event...

what works for you?

perchance dreamer

Senior Member
My favorite transdermal is Arnicare Gel. I use it every night before going to bed. But, yes, it is rough when the barometric pressure drops.


Senior Member
First off, I'm glad to hear that this is a widespread phenomenon. One tends to think it's only your tiny bit of the earth. I live in Dallas, TX and this winter has been particularly brutal. Constant ups, downs and everything in between it seems. Lots of lots of rain....no complaints after our drought of a few years ago, but it is hard to adjust to constant weather changes.

I have friends in PA who complain of the same problems, so know that it's more widespread than one tends to think. My daughter in San Francisco has the same weather situation, and it's the same with her. We'll wait until the storms subside before our next foray out west. I really do best if I don't hear about the weather, or actively go searching for it...within reason of course. Allergies also make it pretty bad news, do you find the same where you live?

I finally have a compound cream that works and apply it two/day. It's taken the place of so many of the meds I was on, and isn't absorbed into the skin in the same manner. I think I'd cry if they stopped making it. I can only say that it has been invaluable and I'l glad it's around. Apart from that, the usual of acetampatophen, etc., works. Mind you, it can also cause stomach ulcers and other nightmare scenarios. And yes, too many vitamins, supplements, etc., can also make things worse. It certainly is our body, today, and we'd better be paying attention to it. Please be sure to tell your Dr. every single thing that you take. We're so bogged down in paperwork, what's a little more?