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how do i find a good laywer?

anyone know where to look by town for a good disability lawyer? I live in Portland Oregon so if anyone knows one here that would be great.


Senior Member
NOSSCR http://www.nosscr.org/
Interview three and go with your gut feeling about who is the best.

If it's for LTD, you need an ERISA disability lawyer.

Another option is to call your local bar association and ask for referrals. Again, you have to interview the lawyers yourself, as the bar can't guarantee that they're any good.

For SS another option is to use a service like Allsup. They're not lawyers, but representatives who know the system. The good thing about a service like this is they can work with you on the initial claim. Most lawyers won't step in until you've been denied at least once, although this seems to be changing (probably due to pressure from Allsup et al).
thx for the info, honestly I don't even know what type of disability I can even try for. I guess I have to figure out the difference of disability claims. I've now heard of LTD, SSDI, SSI. and there are probably some more that I missed.
I've been suffering from Chronic fatigue syndrome and I've just started the process of trying to get disability so I'm a little more than lost. I just found a specialist in my area to go see, now I just need to try and figure out a good lawyer.