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How can I find a doctor that prescribes a wider selection of antivirals?

I’m currently on 3 grams Valacyclovir and it keeps me from getting worse but I don’t improve on it. I want to try valcyte but my pcp, who prescribed Valacyclovir for me, would only let me try famvir as an alternative. My EBV flared and I got a little worse from it so I went back to Valtrex.

Could anyone recommend CFS literate doctors that can prescribe different antivirals and maybe other treatment options? Preferably covered by insurance and does telehealth. I could go in person if in Atlanta/southeastern USA or the Bay Area, California since I have a connection there.

I’m currently a patient at Stanford CFS but they don’t do antivirals anymore. Begged for valcyte but was told they do nothing for EBV/CFS and was told the same about the Valtrex.

My EBV flares and I get worse long term if I go without Valtrex for a week or so.

I know Dr. Montoya is in the Bay area but insurance doesn’t cover visits with him, sadly. Can’t afford $1600 right now.

Are there any other options ??


Senior Member
HI @Tammy....perhaps they affect organs of the body if taken for long periods of time. It's also possible, since they're fairly new, that not enough research has been done on them for most doctors to feel comfortable prescribing them. There's always a ? in the air. Yours, Lenora