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How can houses of worship accommodate your needs?


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@RebeccaRe, I am so glad you brought this topic up. My mom and I have wanted to go back to church for probably 5 years now. We miss it so much. Podcasts and live streaming just aren't the same thing.

Our old church is too far away but we have another one that is 10 minutes from here and tried their services twice.

It was very hard though--loud, had to sit 3 rows up, couldn't leave easily or quickly, got waylaid by talkative greeter (someone we knew) on the way out :wide-eyed:--that we haven't been able to go back.

Some of these suggestions though, like sitting in the lobby as @islander mentioned, sound promising. The pastor is nice so I think he would be okay with our doing that and then we could leave before the crowd fills the lobby. :)

They already have just an hour service on Wednesday nights because it is just Bible study so we kept wishing we could at least handle that but until these ideas, I kept feeling like it would be impossible. Maybe if I can improve some it might be possible some times this way. Thank you!!!

So many of the other suggestions are great as well. Thank you, Everyone.


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Jewish services are very loud because of the singing. Also it is a hassle for SEIDs patients to dress up and travel. Maybe do a streamed and recorded service that they can attend at home live or watch at their leisure. Get your god to cure them. I'm sure they would attend a healing service that worked.
Ontario, Canada
dear @RebeccaRe ~ this is such an important thread. I wonder if there could be places that are already natural light, scent-free, accessible spaces (naturopaths/chiropractors?) which could be rented from and host ecumenically-diverse services on different sundays (with ride-share)? if community centers were accessible, they would work. it seems a lot for each place of worship to take on individually when pooled resources in a community could allow all denominations access to the place, were it a community center. hospitals and nursing homes contain a multi-faith, shared worship space....I don't think it's unprecedented. of course, not many of us have energy to propose this to our city councils. all admiration to you, for your efforts~*~*