Hot News! Patints Congres by De Meirler and Roelants on XMRV (22 sept.2010)


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About the Blomberg study from Sweden, where they couldn't find any XMRV, he said the following;
"We delivered 132 bloodsamples and Blomberg did find two XMRV+, but he forgot to mention them in his study. Speaking about politics".
berthe, thnx for your great report!!!

But , are you really sure that KDM said this ?

the blomberg slides (from slide 22) say that he just tested 50 ME/CFS patients which came from prof gottfries and not from KDM

even more strange is that the CFIDS summary talks about 100 instead of 50 patients (40 pcr/60 serology)

why does this summary not match with blomberg sheets?
and why do they both don't match with the number of patients that prof de meirleir mentions

or did i miss something, somewhere?