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Last night, oh was it only last night, when enveloped in a bubble of anticipation, I was taken to a place we rarely visit in our lives; somewhere that doesn't even have a name and if it did, we wouldn't know it; a place where just for a few seconds, minutes, maybe hours, everything you have ever thought, everything you have ever taken in, from the smallest of sensory stimulus, to your most life changing momentus, all was abandoned in an hypnotic haze, touching supernatural.
Even M.E, vicious and malevolent as it is, watched incredulously as I gorged on every post, deciphered every semantic, threw myself under every visceral outpouring. I felt so alive and yet so far away, in space and time.
I sat looking at the unfolding drama, with threads bursting into life like machine gun fire, with comments effusing from every direction like bubbles in a boiling sea of amazement; every opinion feeding a morphing consensus as we climbed the walls of fact, only to reach the summit and find what, exactly ?
Rapid fire media comments exploding in all directions, as a platoon of soldiers from the fourth battalion of truth came to rescue us from behind enemy lines. 'No-one gets left behind' is a mantra that was playing over and over in my mind, as I unpeeled years of emotions, forged in the battlefield of propaganda, lies, conflicts of interest, naked, unadulterated, and unashamed ambition.
Now on a wet morning in the north of England, I'm watching my world awake. Did last night really happen ? What did happen ? The world hasn't stopped still, I am still the same. I was found last night, we all were, but for how long ? How long before we are recaptured again ? I feel like I have climbed what I thought was the summit, only to find myself at the foot of he north face of the Eiger.
Oh fear not, this is a self indulgent morass of defeatism, not uncommon along the road i've been forced to tread, but it cannot last, it never does. I wake today still a soldier of war, but a hostage no longer.

I want to say a special thank you to all those who helped make last night happen. All those that contributed however small, you really did make a difference.

Kind regards, Mark